Welch's Wicks & Wares - The Lamp Shop in Dalton NY

The Lamp Shop carries an extensive stock of over 750 antique lamps, including:

• Standing hand lamps
• Hand lamps
• Standing lamps
• Bracket lamps
• Sewing lamps
• Table lamps
• Composition lamps
• Banquet lamps
• Brass lamps
• Early hand-blown lamps
(many with original shades)

• Miniature lamps
• Hanging lamps
• Store lamps
• Street lamps
• Piano lamps
• Barge lamps
• Railroad lamps
• Barn lamps
• Miner's lamps
• Wall-mounted lamps

We have a large variety of lamps ... Aladdin, Rochester, Rayo, Miller, Adler, Atterbury, Ripley and many other makes.

We carry many pressed glass lamps and newer kerosene lamps such as Fenton, Stevens, and Viking.

The Lamp Shop carries a large stock of lamp parts, flat and round wicks, antique and reproduction chimneys.

We also have burners and electrical replacement burners as well as replacement shades.

Additionally, we repair kerosene and electric lamps.


We will be glad to order replacement shades, chimneys and parts if we do not have the item you need in stock.

Stop by and visit us to see all we have in our shop ... or feel free to call us at 585-476-2630 if you are looking for a specific item.

Please note that items pictured may no longer be available. If you see an item on these pages that you'd like, please e-mail us to check availability.